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Saturday, 5 February 2011

U kp me up all nite up all nite..........

well as iv said up aw feckin nite...was a good nite tho spend wth my grantos, a few things teasted uz. but! the big man will not thro at u wht he thinks u cant handle...its how to deal wth the here and now, one day at a time!
  funny old thing insomnia,,,it can awakin u wth thoughts u never knew u were capable of having....Im alot smarter than i thought i was....some people may laugh at tht, the ones who know me well enough..ccoz im like a kid at times wantin to carryon.....I cant spell to save my like i have ...mmmmmmmmmmm...how do u spell it?
Dyslexic...im Dyslexic , why the fuck do they give it a name u find really hard to spell when u canae!...
   well dont know wht i might do today maybe just veg out no stress...and cuddle my cats..x


  1. Have to work hard to read the script ....its in a foreign language...is that young person speak?

  2. lol...aye pluss am weggie...so bad combo..lol...