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Saturday, 5 February 2011


Well here it goes. Never going to sleep today but i am safe n sound in ma own house so not too bad!..  
   I wrote a lot last nite in my little book., haven't done tht in a long time but it feels so good to get stuff out of ur head and onto paper. Think there is an eliment of song writing in them need to have a jam with my dad and see what we can do.....My head is always filled with songs and lyrics, i think its just now im starting to realise it more. It was common i was younger i used to make up song and sing them..I remember when i must of been about 6 or 7, i humm to sing this tune to my dad, then i started putting words to it.. About two mnths later my song came on the radio...It was the same tune all the way throw..My dad was like " Wit the fuck, u made tht tune b4 them Hen!"......The band was Crowed House!....Ill have to ask ma old man what the song was again...Get bk to u on tht one...much love to all.Hxxx


  1. just spoke to ma wee dad...It was REM...Man on the Moon...and it was a year later tht i had made tht song...How Strange..!x

  2. im ok now....i have to teach myself that most people are busy on a sat nite.....its not that they dont love me it just that they have thier own storys to tell....love more people pls.xxxx