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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Good Day!

It's been a good day so far, got up made some phone calls...ran a lovely big bath n soaked ma bones.....The biggest thing and i know it doesn't sound much, i got ready and went to the shop!....wowwwww...I know its such a small thing but its a really big thing for me! I am Very Proud of myself! When you suffer from high anxiety the smallest things seem so difficult to do! Cant wait to tell Grant, hoe i dont sound like a total poof!
     Go team H...xxx....thts me by the way! . x

 Well made a beautiful tea the nite,,,if i could make love to myself i would , it was fuckin AWESOME!!!!!!!!!..Grants away to play football..hee hee...He will be Fecked when he gets in..lol...Atleast one of uz is trying to get healthy, canae wait for the 6pack...ooooooooooooo...mmmmmmmmm...ahhhhhhh!
 Back to me now im doing kl as feck got some nice calm tabs off the docs so all is good for just now..just going to sit and draw for a while...Forgot how good it is....like to make up my own pictures might put one on here and u can see wht u think..Mch love n happyness to all..xxx

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